The assessment for adult & high school athletes typically takes 60 minutes. The elite performance assessment typically takes 90 minutes due to the extra testing. Elite athletes will want to bring their heart rate monitor, headphones, and a water bottle.


All programs require the package to be paid in full up front unless previously discussed with the coach. Adult packages are 8 sessions at a time. High school athletes will be 11-12 week packages based on sports sesasons.


The majority of my coaching is done at the Power 3 gym located at 7227 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236. I do coach at other locations based on the athletes and their unique needs.


No, we do not offer weight loss programs. We believe in helping each client achieve their goals by using a whole-body approach. The 4 pillars of our logo are Strength, Nutrition, Recovery & Mindset.


Cancellations are different based on the program. High School athletes will have an optional makeup week at the end of their 11-12 week package. Makeup days are programmed differently and can cause an athlete to miss out on the major movements they need to achieve their goals. Therefore, we suggest they use them in the case of an emergency. Also, the makeup days are limited to 4 athletes and are based on a first come first serve scheduling approach.

Adults require a 24-hour notice but let’s face it life happens, and 24 hours might not be feasible. We are very flexible and as long as the client isn’t doing it every week, we will gladly reschedule to fit their needs.


We highly encourage athletes to invite their friends to train with them. We want all athletes (from 14 years old up to 80) to have fun and what better way to do that than train with your friend or family. Besides whom doesn’t love some friendly competition. If you find that your optimal time slot is filled up, please let us know and we will work something out.

Due to the size of the facility (Power 3) and my goal of keeping the number of athletes to a coachable number (4), any teams that are interested in being coached, will need to provide a separate location, such as Sycamore lacrosse field.


All scheduling is done using the Wellnessliving scheduling platform. Once athletes have gone through their assessment & paid for their program, they will have their account setup. From there, they will be able to use their PC, tablet, or mobile device to schedule/cancel their workouts.

Happy Monday APP fam! This week we will be looking into how our body produces the energy it needs to do what we do best!

Not gonna lie, this stuff can get dense. BUT, there are some key takeaways that everyone can use to train more intelligently.
Be on the look out for upcoming graphics, and message us with any questions you may have!

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☕ Caffeine ☕⠀
Easily accessible, not overly expensive and palatable, caffeine can be found in a variety of products including coffee, energy drinks and soft drinks ☕🥤⠀
👉 To understand more about Caffeine and the impact it can have on your athletes, hit the LINK IN OUR BIO for your free video training - 'Why take Caffeine?' 🔗🔗🔗

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Even without the gym, there are ways to help maintain your strength while improving your conditioning at the same time. Tempo lifting is the best method for this, because you need very little resistance for it to work.⁣

The key reason for this is the speed and cadence. Tempo lifting is slow: two seconds up, two seconds down. Don't pause at any part of the rep.⁣

This slow speed and lack of any pause lead to constant tension and add an additional load to your working muscles. ⁣

What exercises can you use? ⁣

For the upper body, simple bodyweight tempo push-ups are far more challenging than most people expect.⁣

For pulling, you can use any sort of bar, or even a strong tree branch at the right height, for inverted rows. If you have any sort of resistance band, you can also add other tempo exercises like pull-aparts.⁣

For the lower body, the easiest way to get the job done is with single-leg squats and lunges. If you have a training partner who you’re stuck in the house with, you can add manual resistance for leg curls and other hamstring exercises.

Last but most definitely not least, this model is for those in the upper age bracket!

You can see the focus shifting from more time in the "get some" zone, to most time in the warm-up and recovery zone.
If some done with correct technique, there is still plenty of room for full body activation in the 1st and 3rd zones. it may just take a different form than the traditional heavy lifts we are use to. Look for examples this weekend!
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If you fall in this age group, notice that it looks pretty similar to the workout for someone a little younger!

The most noticeable changes fall in the timing category. You will definitely still be able to hit some of the higher level exercise, however there is an added importance shown to the warm up and cool down periods.

Check out this breakdown of time spent during each activity for someone on the younger side!

Things to note:
-Just because the warmup is shorter, Does not make it any less important!
-Same with the cool down, do it. -You can fit a lot of really solid work in the "Get Some" block, but in order to do that, you need to properly fuel and rest your body. The other 23 hours matter just as much!


Happy Easter from our Peak Performance Family to yours! We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.
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Gotta listen to those wise hermits, they know what's up!

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We want to help you feel good.
Sometimes, feeling good involves throwing large objects around with considerable force!

While you may not be able to do that with your children or other quarantine-mates, the APP Slam Bag is just the person for the job.
Check out the Link-in-Bio to make yours today and start getting up in some of that much needed stress relief!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Achieve Peak Performance staff, welcome Coach Dan Scheid!

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How we move changes how our muscles fire - new post coming to @theedgeu website soon! NBA, MLB, NFL and college staffs all using the website for their continuing education! Less than a dollar a day sign up now .
EMG “Electromyography” is a way we can measure the electrical communication our muscles receive from our brain. How and what kind of exercises we perform can change how this electrical communication is sent. .
There are lots of variations of this communication, but the easiest way to think of it is in terms of “bursts” versus “ramp”. .
Burst EMG activity occurs with movements that require rapid rates of force development, ballistic actions (like jumping or throwing). These are most common in lots of prime movers in sporting actions - like your gastroc during jumping. The timing and firing of these bursts ultimately control movement .
A ramp contraction is easiest to think about in terms of a heavy deadlift (in my opinion). EMG, rate of force development are produced in a “controlled” ramping - just like how you first take the slack out of the bar and slowly apply more and more force (obviously not too slowly) to the bar until it lifts. In other words, you don’t jerk it off the floor. .
Both actions have the ability to recruit high threshold motor units and muscle fibers. Both have a time and place in training, but both are different in nature. .
Burst like activities might be deemed more “sport specific” by some coaches and often are rapid, plyometric like movements. On the other hand ramp like contractions are seen in traditional resistance training exercises like a normal tempo squat and might occur in the less sport specific movements (working on hypertrophy or strength). .
This is obviously a little over simplified due to the word count limit on Instagram, but hopefully it helps 👍

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