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Since working with Aaron for my mma fights and grappling competitions I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in my ability to push harder for longer and my ability to recover in a short time has had a huge improvement as well. If you’re an athlete looking for a performance coach, I highly recommend working with Aaron and APP!

Jeremy Pender

I am of small stature, 4’9″ to be exact. With this being said, my weight has always been difficult for me to keep under control. I have always had to work a little harder, and eat a little healthier, and be that much more determined to get the extra weight off and keep it off.

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I met Aaron 6 years ago by tagging along with a friend of mine to the gym. I have had personal training in the past, but I never really stuck with anything. I worked out a few times with him, and a few times turned into a few weeks, a few months, and a few years. I looked and felt great! Everyone noticed the change in me and I was on top of the world! One thing I forgot to mention though, I had no social life!! So although I looked and felt great, I really wasn’t having much fun – mostly because I felt like I wasn’t able to. I couldn’t drink or eat out with out the guilt. Alcohol? Fried Food? No way! What kind of life is that? One that I was getting tired of living. At the time I was single so it was easy for me to stay in and stray away from the social aspect of drinking or eating out with friends or family.


I eventually met someone and that’s when everything went out the window that I just worked so hard for. I stopped training, and all that I learned about clean eating was blocked out of my mind. I had stayed away from all of that so now it was my time to have fun! It was fun alright, but before I knew it, 3 years went by and I was back to being overweight and feeling terrible. I expressed to my boyfriend that I had to do something and he agreed it would be great for the both of us to get into training. I was hesitant to reach back out to Aaron because I wasn’t sure what he was up to or if he was even still training. Luckily enough he was excited to hear from me and I was able to get myself and my boyfriend to start training with him. We were prepared for the hard work and clean eating that I was taught prior.


To my surprise, my meal plans were much different this time around! I was very confused how I went from extreme clean eating before to being able to have pasta, and cheese, and even a beer! He explained to me how the science of food and the body has changed and it is much different from what we used to know. Since I was used to doing it the old way my first few weeks on this new meal plan was hard. Only because I couldn’t imagine how I could eat these things and still lose weight. I was panicking and messaging Aaron almost every day. The idea of eating “forbidden” foods had me stressed. He was always understanding and helped guide me long the way with positive coaching. Guess what? I lost, and I kept losing. The best part? I had a social life all the while bettering myself and my life. My boyfriend and I have both lost a significant amount of weight, and we couldn’t be happier! This is a plan that works for the long run. It’s sustainable, and allows us to be happy, healthy and best of all I can have my cake and eat it too! Science Rocks! I am extremely appreciative that Aaron has been able to teach me that no one is perfect and life is meant to be enjoyed. I no longer feel trapped in a world where my fears with food have taken over my social life and for that I am grateful.

Dana Weinstein

In 2010 I weighed the most I ever had tipping the scale at 207 pounds. I was also unexpectedly unemployed. By winter time I knew I needed to start pinching my pennies. The easiest way I found was to cut back on eating out, especially fast food.

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Having an active part-time job and not eating fast food 5 days a week made it possible to drop the initial weight without much more effort than simply: Eat less, move more.


I began running in May 2011 as my part-time job had fitness requirements. I never planned on becoming a runner, it just happened. A friend talked me into running a half marathon in October 2011 and I fell in love. I found running to be therapeutic, social, and fun! With the first 20 pounds or so gone, it was easier to make smarter food choices. After running a few half marathons and watching my time continue to drop, I decided to train for a full. April 2012 was my first full marathon and I ran it weighing 147 pounds.

Shawna Block

Please meet the man that’s had a huge impact on my life the last 3 months. Aaron Slusher of APP has been writing my nutrition and exercise plans. I’m down 6 inches and my body composition has seen huge positive improvement.

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My emotions are more stable, my food cravings are no longer uncontrollable and I finally feel like I have a healthy relationship with food. I can’t say enough positive things about Aaron. He’s knowledgeable, supportive and easy to work with. Aaron does a fantastic job supporting me remotely from Cincinnati thru Skype and text. Thanks Aaron! Xoxo.

Gwen Lauren

I have always been an athlete. I started playing volleyball when I was 12 and also did high jump on the track team all through high school. I played 1 yr of volleyball in college as well as 2 seasons of rugby. I moved to Chicago in 2008 and started running. My best friend is an amazing athlete and she was in amazing shape and ran races in Chicago all the time and I wanted to compete with her.

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Fast forward to 2013, I had gotten a bit lazy, gained some weight and never beat my friend in any races, not only that, she was finally running in the Chicago marathon. I knew I had to do something to show her up, but attempting to beat her in the 2014 marathon never seemed like a goal I wanted to achieve. The Chicago triathlon had crossed my mind since I was a commuter biker.


Then I met Aaron. When I met him, my main goal was to just look good again. He pushed me to have a goal that wasn’t based on a number, my weight, and at first, I struggled, but the triathlon seemed like the perfect goal. I knew it was something my best friend would most likely never do, and it would get me in the shape I wanted. So training begun with 6 months until I would compete in my first full Olympic triathlon in Chicago.

I never would have finished that race without Aaron, he was a trainer, a food coach, a friend, and a motivator. He answered every question with insightful answers, he listened when I complained, and he made adjustments where I needed but always pushed me to do my best. He never gave up, even when I wanted to. He also didn’t want excuses, which is exactly what I needed. I dropped inches and got toned, I loved my body, and most importantly August 24th, 2014 I finished the Chicago triathlon in 3 hrs 15 minutes. 15 Minutes faster than my goal time!

I achieved a major goal with the help and knowledge of my awesome trainer Aaron.

Kelsey Sanabria

The opportunity to train with Aaron has been an incredible experience. One of the most important things I have learned is that when you choose a trainer, it is extremely important to ensure you feel comfortable enough with that person to become vulnerable.

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In order to achieve goals and chase dreams, you need to be able and willing to open yourself to criticism. Aaron has been behind me 100% and extremely supportive every step of the way. I started with him in March of 2013 at a size 10 and nearing 180 lbs the heaviest I had been in a few years (for point of reference, I was at my heaviest in 2008, a size 14 and 199.5 lbs).


In August of 2013, I purchase my first pair of size 4 dress pants and weighed in at 151.4 lbs, the smallest I have ever been. I could not have been happier. Life had a slightly different plan the closer it came to obtain my goal of stepping on stage at an NPC Bikini Competition in November 2013. Expressing my concerns to Aaron, I was heard loud and clear. He tailored my program and meal plan and allowed me to enjoy the holiday season. Unfortunately, I probably enjoyed the holidays TOO much and came back to Ohio pushing the waist of my size 6’s and back to 160 lbs. Despite “falling off,” Aaron still showed compassion and empathy, but not without a swift reality check. As of January 6th, 2014, I am 100% back on track and EXCITED to see where I will be in a few short months.

Working with a trainer has taught me a lot, and the best advice I can pass along is to make sure you choose to work with someone you can TRUST and fall back on when you need that extra push (because trust me, you WILL need it).

Kassandra Young

I never imagined that being a single mother, working full time, meal prepping and exercising would ever become “easy”. That I would be able to overcome life’s many ups and downs and in turn build my body stronger.

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 But my life has been forever changed. I have seen challenges and I have completed them in time. Aaron has been my rock. Always telling me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Even if at the time I didn’t realize it. He’s seen me at my most vulnerable state and has been able to lift me up despite me wanting to throw in the towel. I could not have come this far without words of encouragement and motivation that he has provided me.


When I first received my workout plan I absolutely had no clue what I suppose to do. I had never weight trained and everything was so foreign to me. I remember the anxiety I had the first time I went into the gym and started my workout. I pushed through the anxiety attacks and called Aaron one time during his dinner and he stopped and helped me through it. I had no idea what I was doing or how hard it actually was. But I took it day by day and with the daily motivation and encouragement it started to become “easy”. I started to see results and in turn started to love myself. I remember I hated sending progress pictures but would love when I would look back at them weeks later and see the progress that I was creating. In time my progress and success fueled others to do the same. Things that I thought were my normal were now inspiring. I’ve met so many amazing people and have received so much love and support.

Gregoria R

2 1/2 years ago, I finished 3 surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo and 31 radiation treatments. I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer when I was only 33. After treatment, I wasn’t even strong enough to do one pushup. I couldn’t walk up the stairs without getting winded and my doctors told me not to even carry groceries using my left arm.

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I was so excited to be in remission but I was having extreme joint pain, muscle weakness, low energy and felt physically defeated. I gained about 30 pounds throughout treatment because of the hormonal changes and overall lack of energy. Before my diagnosis, I considered myself a pretty healthy person so this was an extreme shock. I was placed on Tamoxifen for 5 years after treatment to decrease my chances of recurrence but one of the main side effects of this medication was MORE weight gain so I felt hopeless to lose weight and become physically stronger again.



I knew Aaron for a few years before I got sick so I knew he was always committed to his clients and this was exactly the type of trainer I needed. I finally got the medical clearance from my Oncologist to start training so I started going to Aaron about 2 years after I finished treatment. Aaron has far surpassed my expectations. He has taught me so much more than how to find a good workout routine. He continually encourages me (in and out of the gym), works with me to find a nutrition plan, continues to educate me on supplements and why my body reacts the way it does. He has spent a large portion of his own time out of the gym researching my medications, treatment and utilizing his network of trainers and doctors to customize a program that works for me. He creates a balance of pushing me to achieve results, challenges me to look at fitness in a new way, encourages me when I get frustrated and coaches me along the way.


I have been a member at other gyms in the city but the trainers I’ve seen working in these gyms offer their clients only a surface level of training. I love that Aaron peals back the layers of my fitness program to find out how it will work for me in all areas and what I need to change to maximise my results. I am approaching my 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed and I have never felt stronger! Despite the side effects of Tamoxifen, I have lost approximately 8 pounds and 11 1/2 inches in 4 months. My strength has greatly improved and my cardio ability has tripled. Aaron probably doesn’t even realize the magnitude of the positive changes he has brought into my life. There is no better feeling than pushing myself in the gym with him and waking up feeling stronger every day. He has truly taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and see/feel the results!

Karie Giles



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