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When you think of transformation, you often times think of drastic changes such as a 300lb woman who is now rocking 120lbs.  My transformation is not that drastic, but it has been a journey.

I have yo-yo’ d  with my weight for my entire life.  I am 5’6” and when I was 16 and 127lbs, I was going to Weight Watchers.  I compared myself with others who weren’t breaking 100lbs on the scale.  My poor relationship with food and self-image comparisons began at a young age.   What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and talk to my 16 yr old self.

I have had results in my adult life, but it was through eating 1200 calories a day and exercising 1-2 hrs a day.   Who can sustain that?  I was tired, hungry, obsessed, and would feel guilty if I ate more than 1200 calories.  I would then skip a meal “to make up for it”.  Because I achieved results in such a crazy way, it was never sustainable and as life got busy, I just gained back the weight I lost.

I am a single mom of twins and have raised them on my own for their entire life.  Working full time, sending them to different high schools and attending their school and sports activities, there was no time for me.  I had vowed to change that when they left for college.

In Sept 2014, I started exercising and counting my 1200 calories per day.  I started to see some results, but I was headed down the same crazy path and didn’t know it at the time.  I met Aaron in November and at that time; I had just begun working with a trainer.  Aaron was concerned with my form (I was having lots of knee and shoulder pain) and my lack of calorie intake.  I decided to start working with Aaron in Jan of 2015 as an online client and instantly, I began eating more.  This seemed like a crazy concept, but I trusted what he was telling me.

From Jan 2015 to Aug 2015, I have seen amazing results.  To me, my results have been less about my physical appearance as much as it has been about my mental and internal transformation.   With Aaron’s help, I have discovered that I need to eat to fuel my body vs. starve or over eat and feel guilty.  I have learned that I should take a break from exercise to let me body heal.  If I am injured, I should not push it or take time off of exercise.  Aaron has taught me proper form and I no longer have constant knee and shoulder pain.  (He is a stickler with form).  With Aaron’s guidance, I have a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life.  Nothing is off limits, but I have to plan for it.  My social life has not suffered and I have learned to make wise choices when I am at social events.  I still eat sweets and have a drink from time to time, but all in moderation and within my plan.  There is absolutely no guilt but at the same time, there is no temptation because it is not forbidden.   I have mentally changed the way I view eating and exercise.  I have truly discovered a sustainable way to live.

I have changed physically and have lost weight and inches.  I am down 2 pant sizes and down one shirt size.  I no longer focus on the scale as much as I focus on the way my body feels and how I fit in my clothes.  I recently received the best physical of the last 15 years.  My numbers were great and to my surprise, my resting heart rate was 53 bpm which is that of an athlete.

I do still struggle with weight loss due to an inflamed thyroid that isn’t as effective as it could be.    Thankfully, I currently do not have a thyroid disease, but I do high TPO thyroid antibody levels.  That means I have a “heads up” of an autoimmune condition before the onset of hypothyroidism and future thyroid failure.  I need to monitor my thyroid every 6 months and be aware of symptoms.  It also means I need to work a little harder for my weight loss results.

My journey is not over.  I still want to lose more body fat but, I view my transformation as a life long journey.  I have changed my life for long term sustainable results.  I have a greater understanding of my body, how I feel and its limitations.  Without Aaron as my coach, I am not sure I would have ever believed it was truly possible.



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