Achieve Peak Performance

I got the opportunity to attend a clinic by Eric Cressey this past weekend. The seminar was hosted by IFAST in Indianapolis, which is owned by Mike Robertson. How could I pass up the opportunity to learn from these industry giants? Cressey did an amazing job of explaining the content in the course and the hands on section helped to coach us on how to apply it. When it cam time for a volunteer, I jumped at the chance to have Eric’s critical eye point out my deficiencies. What he said next is my claim to fame. Cressey, “This is probably the flattest thoracic spine you will ever see. Here is how I would approach helping this client.” I accept that title and will follow the advice he gave everyone else.

When I first purchased the course, my goal was to find a way to fix my own shoulder problems. I got way more then I bargained for. The amount of information inside was staggering and eye opening. I came away with a whole new perspective on not only my issues, but how to help each and everyone one of my clients.

I’m not going to lie I was overwhelmed and felt like I was trying to drink from a water hose. However, I would not be deterred and continued climbing upwards. If you are serious about wanting to coach your clients and help them achieve their peak performance, you need to invest in this product.