February is here and that means it is time for you to work off the winter bulk. You have your food prepped, supplements ordered and your brand new fitness program FAT DESTRUCTION 2.0 in your dropbox. You start packing your gym bag and suddenly ….*cough*. If your like me the first thought in your head is …. NOT NOW!!! This does not fit into my Fat Destruction 2.0 workout program dammit. Why does life hate me?!?!?

You want to workout, but your concerned that it might make it worse. So many articles online that your not sure which is correct. Should you only do 15 minutes of low intensity cardio, merely use the 3 lb dumbbell so you don’t over exert yourself, or sit at home and have a marathon of your favorite TV show on Netflix? This infograph will help you determine the best solution whether you face the common cold or measles.

*Disclaimer* Anything related to a Zombie virus or Apocalypse is not covered in this post

Precision Nutrition has a great article for  all the science buffs that want to gain more in depth knowledge about their immune system: Working Out When Sick



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