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To build the complete athlete, you need to focus on all aspects of performance. Our elite performance programs start with 1-on-1 performance evaluation. This information is then used to engineer a custom program that increases power, speed, agility, and work capacity while helping reduce injuries, optimize recovery, and ultimately extend an athlete’s career while achieving their peak performance.

Your program will address any underlying issues that could potentially lead to injury while increasing your movement efficiency and power output. Improving an athlete’s movement efficiency is vital to achieving optimal performance. The lack of movement efficiency is like driving your car with the emergency brake on. At APP we focus on MOVEMENTS, not MUSCLES.

How is your conditioning?

Most people think that if they have not collapsed in a pile of their own puke and sweat, that they did not work hard enough. While I will admit it is always fun to make my clients tap out, it does not mean I am improving their conditioning. If your conditioning is broken and not efficient, training harder or doing more intervals will probably not fix the problem. This is because conditioning has more moving pieces then strength training does. A well-developed individualized performance program will be able to address the following questions to ensure you are training your body the correct way to improve your performance.

  • How fast does your body recover between bouts of work?
  • How effective are you at managing and controlling your energy?
  • Which muscle groups have the best/worst endurance?
  • How efficient is your body at managing CO2?
  • What does your movement capacity look like?
  • What are your bodies movement strategies under fatigue?
  • What stress management protocols are you using?

Your performance assessment will cover several areas that allow us to pinpoint into the real reason your body is not performing optimally.

  • Movement Efficiency
  • Breathing Patterns
  • Energy System Development
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Fatigue Movement Screen
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Recovery Strategies

Once your assessment is done, we will design a conditioning program focused on Recovery Driven Performance.

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Sports are all about power. Power is the explosiveness when you’re throwing a punch, doing a double leg takedown, sprinting, jumping, and making contact with opponents.


Tactical Strength and conditioning is the application of S&C protocols in a tactical (e.g. military, law enforcement, rescue professions, etc.) training environment. These tremendous men and women require unique training strategies aimed at preparing them to maximize their effectiveness on the “battlefield”.


Tactical S&C is not about working out to get better at performing structured exercises, it is about performing work that carries over into real-life movements such as lifts, carries, crawls, runs, swims, mobility, and even creating proper recovery strategies (nasal breathing, HR recover, dynamic energy control, etc.). Their program also needs to include sessions that require the athlete to perform under conditions of fatigue in order to manage the stress due to the extreme demands they are placed under by long work hours and often very little sleep. Making recovery a priority is another tool they will need in order to prevent many of the “overexertion” problems that we often see in tactical athletes.

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    You can access your program at your own convenience. Traveling to an away game, no problem. The coach can modify your program in real-time based on equipment or location limitations.  Even reps, sets, and weight can be modified to ensure you as an athlete is set up for success.


    Every exercise comes with a video that will provide details and demonstrations on how the movement should be done correctly.


    Track your progress for your preferred device.


    You can chat with the group or share a picture of your meal with your coach to show that you are staying on track.



TH Leaderboards will allow you to compete with your fellow elite athletes and stay motivated even during the quarantine. What’s wrong with a friendly wager between teamamtes as long as no one loses an eye.


  • FLEX your PR’s
    Show off that new 10lb increase on your Hang Clean on your personal athlete profile.
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