Achieve Peak Performance

I have been on a  journey the past two years working on my weight loss and fitness goals. During that time I have made huge progress and met most of my goals. I hit a plateau 6-8 months ago and was not seeing any major results.  I was doing cross-fit and/or kickboxing every day while following a healthy meal plan.   I have known Aaron for a little over a year and decided to reach out to him for help with my fitness goals.  My main focus was to reduce body fat, tone and increase my performance in cross fit.   I started working with Aaron in May 2014 and my results have been amazing.   He holds me accountable weekly, checks in with my progress, my sleep, my energy and makes sure that I am not having issues.   I have lost 15 lbs, 29 inches in 7 weeks.  I have had better times, increased weight in some areas and my overall endurance has improved in my cross fit classes.  Last Saturday I competed in my first in house cross fit competition.  I highly recommend Aaron & Achieve Peak Performance for your journey to a healthy lifestyle