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Although sometimes used interchangeably, calorie-dense and nutrient-dense have very different meanings. Calorie-dense foods can also provide nutrients, but nutrient-dense foods will provide high levels of nutrients other than calories. I try to get each client to use an 80%-20% ratio. Calorie-Dense Foods Calorie-dense foods, also called energy-dense foods, contain high levels of calories per serving. While they may contain some sources of nutrients, they need to have a greater ratio of calories

We have all heard that fat loss is simply addition and subtraction. What this means is that you +/- from your daily maintenance Calories (TDEE). I am going to show you how to use some simple equations to get a rough ESTIMATE of your STARTING maintenance calories and how to adjust that to help towards your goal. Let’s go over a few terms that you will be seeing in this guide. Total Daily Energy Expenditure



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