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Adaptive Sports Performance

Sports Performance for High School and Adult Athletes
with Physical Impairments. 

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Adaptive Sports Performance

This program is for individuals with permanent impairments (or severe temporary injuries) that have created limitations that affect the athlete’s work capacity. We empower athletes by adapting able-bodied movements so that the athlete(s) can train within their fitness envelope. This is done by developing a program to improve each individual athlete’s strength, mobility, and conditioning to further develop their sports performance.

The goal is to not only make you a better athlete but also provide support to help you improve in your every day activities by improving balance, decreasing fatigue, and pain reduction.

What is an Adaptive Athlete?

An Adaptive athlete is a person with a permanent IMPAIRMENT(s) that causes a LIMITATION(s) that impacts the athletes WORK CAPACITY

IMPAIRMENT:  This can be either cognitive, physiological, or a combination of both that causes a limitation.

LIMITATION: The manifestation of an impairment that affects general work capacity and/or specific task accomplishment.

WORK CAPACITY: This is an athlete’s ability to complete tasks such as cleaning, managing finances, meal prep, or transferring from one position to another. This can impact their Activities of Daily Living (ADL) or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL).

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The rise of adaptive athletics is changing how the fitness industry and sports communities everywhere operate. With more and more adaptive athletes competing in sports, coaches and fitness instructors are rethinking the way they train in order to create an environment that works for everyone.

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