DSC_0459Aaron Slusher, owner of Achieve Peak Performance LLC, is a dynamic Performance and Nutrition Coach with 21 years of experience, helping his clients achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Aaron offers a variety of services to ensure each client can achieve their goals based on their unique journey:

  • Athletic Performance
  • Speed & Agility
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Online coaching
  • Fitness training
  • Weight Loss

Aaron’s coaching philosophy is to guide his clients to meet their fitness and nutrition goals, maintain a positive self-image and have sustainable results.  Aaron does not believe in a quick fix or a one size fits all approach.  He believes in listening to his clients’ goals, challenges, and concerns to create a unique program for each client and help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Aaron motivates his clients to be the best version of themselves during their journey and transformation.

Aaron has achieved several fitness and nutrition certifications.  He is certified in the following:

  • ISSA – CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer) & SN (Sports Nutrition)
  • NSCF – CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • Pn2Precision Nutrition Exercise & Sports Nutrition  Level 2
  • CWPC – Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach
  • CSAC – Certified Speed & Agility Coach
  • NSCACSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) in progress re-certification

Aaron has also attained several degrees:

  • Associates of Arts in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

Aaron’s Journey:

As a youth, Aaron played football from age 5 until his freshman year in high school. He loved food and food loved him. In 5th grade he would eat 3-4 plates full off food from a buffet and still have room for dessert. In 7th grade, he was diagnosed with high cholesterol & blood pressure due to being overfat at such a young age. His doctor recommended that he needed to lose weight for his health problems. His father suggested that he should give wrestling a try since it did not interfere with football. Making the transition from being a Center in football to wrestling was a tough challenge. Needless to say he was not the fastest kid on the team, but he never stop working and slowly grew to love the sport. Eventually he gave up football to pursue wrestling.

After high school, he joined the Navy as a Machinists Mate Nuclear Engineer. During his time in the Navy, he was asked to help his fellows sailors pass their PT. This sparked his passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Upon leaving the Navy, he started working as a bartender while finishing his ISSA certification and working on building a career in fitness. He worked in a few big box gyms before he decided to become an independent contractor and branch out on his own.

Despite having great success, he was getting burned out after being in fitness for 11 years and wanted something new. He had always worked on computers as a hobby and decided to venture into the IT field. He had started a second business doing computer work and was slowly growing his brand. He went back to school to pursue an education in IT.  In 2006, halfway through his Bachelors program, life punched him in the face a few times. He was on his way back from the gym to pick up his son and take him to a Red’s game for his birthday. He stopped to help a stranded pedestrian on the side of the highway. As Aaron was helping to lift the truck off the guard rail, another car lost control and slammed head-on into the truck. The car and truck struck Aaron, slamming him into the guard rail and flipped him over it. This caused him to sustain injuries to his neck and spine. He would be unable to stand for long periods, do a bodyweight squat or lift a 2lb dumbbell for the next 8 years.

Shortly after the accident, he also became a single father to his son. This caused him to reevaluate his career path now that he was on his own. His son was very active in sports so Aaron adjusted his life to ensure he made his son a priority. Due to his involvement in fitness Aaron was asked to help coach. This helped to reawaken his passion for fitness and he made the decision to stop the IT business and refocus on being a trainer to coach people on achieving their goals. During the next 9 years he was privileged that his career gave him the flexibility to guide & support his son so that he could grow and was be his dreams wherever that may lead.

Aaron never gave up trying to repair his body and in the summer of 2016, all of his hard work paid off. He was finally able to squat without migraines or his back feeling like it would snap. Lifting heavy was still a challenge for his back, but he was going crazy after 9 years of not being able to exercise. Due to his passion for wrestling, he decided to start training in MMA with his son. He values the discipline, physical challenge, and camaraderie that MMA has to offer.  

Aaron has a deep desire for continued learning/education.  He is currently expanding his knowledge by retaking the CSCS so he can provide an even higher level of coaching that his clients have come to know and deserve.

For more information, please contact Aaron at

513-226-8435 or [email protected].


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